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NEW Product!

The “Super Hurricane” Rotating Pipe Cleaning System, lightweight, tough, reliable and built to take on the toughest blocked pipelines

Dry Shut Off

Reduced water consumption, which means less waste to be removed from the work site.

StoneAge® Bundle Blaster™ test assembly in warehouse
Bundle Blaster

The Bundle Blaster is a flexible automated solution for cleaning the exterior surfaces of industrial tube bundles and heat exchangers. This video shows a brief demo of the tool set up in our warehouse.

Tool Maintenance Videos

Tool Maintenance Videos


Step by step tool maintenance instructions

Torus 3-D


Four bolt-on manifolds allow for quick and easy adaptation to different pump capacities, working pressures and cleaning applications.

New Catalog

APS Product Catalog Update

The APS catalog is the most comprehensive source of parts and equipment in the water blasting industry.

APS Video

Flow Divider Instructional Video

Part #70-022-001
15,000 PSI MAWP

Part #70-032-001
20,000 PSI MAWP

APS Video

Water Blasting Demonstration
APS 40K Hand Held Dump Gun with 40K Stoneage Barracuda

Flow Divider Valve (FDV)

The ADVANCED PRESSURE SYSTEMS' (APS) Flow Divider Valve (FDV) is for applications where two dump style guns are to be operated from one pump. The FDV will maintain full pressure to either gun when the other gun is dumping. When both guns are operating, the flow and pressure will be unaffected.

These valves are very easy to set up. They are of very rugged construction, and the only wear part is a cartridge which can be quickly changed in the field.APS - Flow Divider Valve

Features in addition to the easy cartridge
overhaul, include an optional pressure gauge (which is recommended equipment). Easy locking of the adjuster handle, and available adapters for different hose connections, including NPT and BSP.

You can download ADVANCED PRESSURE SYSTEMS' (APS) latest update of the Flow Divider Valves Catalog directly from this page. Simply click on the picture of the catalog on the right, wait for the PDF document to come up, then save it to your computer. We also offer a printed version of this catalog which we will happily mail to you.

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