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We at Advanced Pressure Systems not only believe in the importance of providing service to our customers but also assisting our military service personnel and their
families. Therefore, we proudly support Fisher House Foundation and Homes for Our Troops.

Fisher House

A Fisher House is “a home away from home” for families of patients receiving medicalcare at major military and VA medical centers.

There are 64 Fisher Houses located in the United States and Germany.

Home for our Troops

Homes for Our Troops builds specially adapted, mortgage-free homes nationwide for the most severely injured Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.

As of December 4, 2014, HFOT has built 173 specially adapted homes nationwide.


NEW Product!

The “Super Hurricane” Rotating Pipe Cleaning System, lightweight, tough, reliable and built to take on the toughest blocked pipelines

Dry Shut Off

Reduced water consumption, which means less waste to be removed from the work site.


StoneAge® Bundle Blaster™ test assembly in warehouse
Bundle Blaster

The Bundle Blaster is a flexible automated solution for cleaning the exterior surfaces of industrial tube bundles and heat exchangers. This video shows a brief demo of the tool set up in our warehouse.

Tool Maintenance Videos

Tool Maintenance Videos


Step by step tool maintenance instructions

Torus 3-D


Four bolt-on manifolds allow for quick and easy adaptation to different pump capacities, working pressures and cleaning applications.

New Catalog

APS Product Catalog Update

The APS catalog is the most comprehensive source of parts and equipment in the water blasting industry.

APS Video

Flow Divider Instructional Video

Part #70-022-001
15,000 PSI MAWP

Part #70-032-001
20,000 PSI MAWP

APS Video

Water Blasting Demonstration
APS 40K Hand Held Dump Gun with 40K Stoneage Barracuda

APS - StoneAge Waterblast Tools

ADVANCED PRESSURE SYSTEMS ( APS) is totally dedicated to providing our customers with the absolute best customer service available in the water blasting equipment supply field. Delivering the best equipment is part of this commitment and for that reason we are proud to be a distributor of StoneAge Waterblast Tools. Stoneage quality products are renowned Worldwide, and this is an excellent fit with the APS record of providing our customers with the best products where and when needed. With this objective as our guiding principle we carry an inventory of Stoneage products, which is unsurpassed.

At APS we help our customers solve problems and meet their needs for water blasting equipment including the full range of Stoneage products. Our friendly and professional sales team can provide product knowledge that will help in the application, maintenance and repair of all of the Stoneage tools.

Advanced Pressure Systems  is one of the largest stocking distributors of StoneAge water blasting tools in the nation and is pleased to inform you that we are now accepting pre-orders for the StoneAge Autobox™ ABX-2L Flex Lancing System!

The three P's of the Autobox ABX-2L product is its portable modular design, precise speed control, and its new, lightweight positioner.  The StoneAge AutoBox ABX-2L is an easy-to-use, automated system specifically designed for hands-free heat exchanger tube cleaning applications.  It reliably controls a pair of flex lances for cleaning exchanger tube IDs. 

Need a turn-key solution for tube cleaning?  Then pair it with StoneAge's Banshee rotary tube cleaning nozzles, and the new positioner, for safe and efficient tube cleaning in the harshest environments.

What you need to know about the AutoBox ABX-2L:

  •          Lightweight & modular; installed in minutes
  •          Precision speed control and automated
  •          Roller pressure can be adjusted on the fly
  •          Corrosion resistance in caustic environments
  •          No tools required; minimal maintenance in the field
  •          Compatible with all StoneAge cleaning nozzles
  •          Reduces down time and increases operator safety
  •          Same day or next day shipping


Want to learn more? Download the data sheet, or watch the training and overview videos below.   

Additionally, StoneAge will be displaying the system on-site at the WWETT show or stop by APS's booth #2269 for more information.

StoneAge Video
Watch the Overview Video

StoneAge Video
Watch the Training Video

Ready to purchase?  Contact, visit, or call 281-290-9950 for a quote today!  Look nowhere else for all your water blasting products and service.




We are pleased to announce the release of the redesigned 40K Badger, the only rotary tool available that can navigate bends and elbows in 4-inch (102 mm) piping at pressures up to 43.5k psi (3000 bar).

This tool has been re-engineered with our most effective high pressure seal and speed control technology to minimize seal wear, maintain consistent speeds over time, and greatly increase tool life between maintenance intervals.


Hands-free hose handling for safer, more consistent pipe cleaning

We are pleased to announce the market release of the AutoBox ABX-500 hands-free hose handling system. The ABX-500 is the first tool in the AutoBox series designed to provide a safer and more efficient alternative to manual feeding of high pressure hose for industrial pipe cleaning operations. Removing workers from the immediate dangers of high pressure water and hazardous chemicals is the primary goal behind the push for hands-free hose handling.

The ABX-500 can be coupled with any of our rotary tools for pipe cleaning operations. Safely manned from outside the blast zone by a single operator, this portable air-powered device can drive a wide range of hose sizes and pass couplings up to 1.75 inches for uninterrupted, consistent cleaning. The machine’s pressurized roller design is simple to operate and adjust, with few parts to maintain and low operating costs. Weighing in at 90 lbs, the ABX-500 can be moved quickly and easily for maximum on-site flexibility.





AutoBox ABX-500: 
A safer alternative to manual hose feeding for rotary pipe cleaning.
Watch the video!

Bill Shires walks through features and benefits of the AutoBox AB-500.
Watch the training video!

New and Improved SPITFIRE Rotary Shotgun Tool

StoneAge is pleased to announce the release of the re-designed Spitfire SPFR rotary shotgun tool. This upgraded version replaces the female-style shaft with a male shaft/head connection. The new design improves tool life and allows for two different configurations for increased head protection.

Head Options
Operators can chose from either a shielded head or bumper head version. The external shield option protects the tool from damage caused by lateral swinging of the tool. The bumper option is an alternative for those instances when debris gets stuck in the shield, preventing head rotation.

The re-designed Spitfire SPFR tools are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. StoneAge will continue to supply replacement SPF parts, but will no longer sell the discontinued models, listed below:

New Models

Discontinued Models


Warning: StoneAge does not recommend pairing the new SPFR shaft and head configuration with a used SPF body. Attempting to do so may cause unintended wear and/or rotation issues, decreasing the life of the tool.

You can download our 2014 APS new StoneAge Waterblast Tools Catalog and Warthhog Sewer Nozzle Catalog directly from thispage. Simply click on the picture of the catalog on the left, wait for the PDF document to come up, then save it to your computer. You may also wish to click on the links below to view individual StoneAge product literature PDFs. We offer a printed version of this catalog which we
will happily mail to you.

Call us at 1-877-290-4277.

Tool Maintenance Videos

Spitfire™ Demo Video


This modular system is a powerful and highly economical alternative to robotic trailer-mounted versions. A Bundle Blaster can be set up as needed for operations that are fast, efficient and safer than manual cleaning. The drive rail comes in two standard lengths* to fit common heat exchanger sizes and adjusts to bundle diameters to ensure deep penetration between tubes.
Air or hydraulic powered rotating assemblies can be adapted to a variety of pressures and flows for the highest level of efficiency. Rotation and traverse speeds are independently adjustable.

The entire unit can be taken apart for easy transportation. The Bundle Blaster is an ideal option for contractors looking to offer external tube bundle cleaning services.
Click here to view the Bundle Blaster system manual.

*Standard rail lengths are 24 ft and 30 ft. Talk to us about customizable options.



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6 Blastrack Automated, Modular Systems
7 Blastrack Automated, Modular Systems
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34-35 Straight Pipe Cleaning (Section Intro)
36 ID Pipe Cleaners Automated Interior Pipe Cleaning
37 BJV Rotary Cleaning for Straight Pipes
38 BJV Centralizers
39 Cleaning Large Diameter Pipes (Tool Talk)
40-41 Curved Pipe Cleaning (Section Intro)
42 AutoBox Hose Handling System
43 AutoBox Hose Handling System
44 Badger Rotary Cleaning for Pipes with Elbows
45 Understanding ‘R’ Value (Tool Talk)
46-47 Tank and Vessel Cleaning (Section Intro)
48 Torus 3-D Tank and Vessel Cleaning
49 Anatomy of a Torus (Tool Talk)
50 Positioning Booms for the TR-130
51 Positioning Booms (Tool Talk)
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53 SM-Air Large Tank Cleaner
54-55 Furnace and Boiler Cleaning (Section Intro)
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