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Safety Whip Checks

APS strongly recommends the use of "whip check" hose restrainers in any water jetting operation. These are perhaps the simplest and least expensive safety measure to implement. A "whip check" can be attached at any point where two hoses are joined, or to a pump's fluid end at the discharge side, or where a hose attaches to any piece of water jetting equipment such as a waterjet lancing or cutting system. When a high pressure hose is joined to a piece of equipment, the whip check should be used to restrain the movement of the pressurized hose should it become uncoupled, thereby allowing operators to get away and perform a safe, orderly system shut-down.

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Pictured above are two typical whip check types, oneis the stainless steel tension model, and the other is high-strength brightly-colored nylon with rubber cinch bands.


Part Number
Stainless Whip Check
Nylon Whip Check